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“Master Gardener / Horticulturist”
Expertise with Soils, Fertilization,Turf, and Various Trees and Shrubs
Description of Services
Lawn Care: Fertilization, Mowing, Edging and Trimming / Tree Pruning and Trimming / Hedge Trimming / De-Weeding / Small Tree and Brush Removal / General Property Cleanup / Pressure Washing / Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Care: Fertilization, Mowing, Edging and Trimming, Aerating and De-Thatching
Providing professional consulting expertise and application of soil conditioners and appropriate fertilizers at the right time is what distinguishes us from most of the average lawn mowing companies. We strive to “Beautify” using proper knowledge, tools & equipment.

Aerating and De-Thatching will create a direct pathway for water and nutrients into the root system.

 - Lawn Aeration: Aerate Lawn by pulling soil plugs, creating small holes for water and nutrients to have a direct pathway reaching grass roots.

- Lawn De-Thatching: De-Thatch and Rake up all thatch. Lawn has Thatch that prevents/blocks the necessary amount of water and fertilizer/nutrients from getting deep into the Turf Root system.

- Apply Lawn Fertilizer to help grass roots grow for a healthier, greener and lush lawn.

- Apply Lime/Calcium to Grass Soil to raise pH in soil, allowing grass roots to fully absorb nutrients, while deterring moss and weed growth.

Tree Pruning and Trimming
With the large variety of trees in the Northwest from evergreens to fruit trees, there’s a great need to provide expert knowledge of when and how to either prune or trim a tree. In addition to pruning and trimming it’s important to know what soil conditions are needed to promote the overall health of a tree.
Hedge Trimming
Hedges and bushes alike come in all sorts and sizes in this region. Many people lack the specific knowledge needed to care for these types of plants and keep them healthy and beautiful year round. Most basic yard care companies know how to do simple hedging at the customer’s request, but we offer expert knowledge in hedging, pruning, thinning, trimming and fertilization at the right time and correctly. These plants will be healthy and aesthetically pleasing.
It’s necessary to know when to either pull weeds or use a chemical treatment. As a Certified Professional Horticulturist, I will have the knowledge of what chemicals should be used in the safest manner possible or just pull weeds to achieve the best results at the best price.
Small Tree and Brush Removal
In the northwest, plants of all kinds seed and prosper quickly. Often, small trees, bushes, vines can seed easily in the lush fertile soil in our area. Many unwanted plants like Blackberry bushes, Ivy, Morning Glory and others can grow quickly and overtake a property if not cut back or removed professionally.
General Property Cleanup
General Property Cleanup is a great service to offer year round, but especially in the fall and early spring. With the great abundance of trees and bushes in the northwest, along with strong winds and rain, leaves and branches densely litter property. It can be difficult and time consuming for a business or residential property owner to keep a property clean from organic waste and litter. All waste is disposed of legally.
Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing is a vital service in the Northwest. Everything gets dirty quick! Dirt, moss and mold develop and accumulate quickly on commercial buildings, homes, decks, patios, fences, sidewalks and driveways. Pressure washing requires a unique skill. A professional needs to know whether or not to use chemicals if necessary, how much pressure depending on the surface; and to advise not to pressure wash when possible damage can occur that the customer may not be aware of.
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning is a must do project for businesses and homeowners and needs to be done at least once a year, often twice a year. Gutter cleaning is messy, time consuming, and there’s a risk of damaging gutters and personal injury. Most businesses and homeowners prefer to have experienced professional help. We have an efficient system that is cleaner, faster and safer for the worker.


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